Mayors Art Show, 2019 by Josh Sands

Cactus (the future of the nation), 2018

mixed media, digital photo print on wood, borosilicate glass, hardware, cactus, terra cotta pot

The young artist has been accepted into the prestigious Mayor’s Art Show in Eugene OR , after many tries.

mayors art show 2019.jpg

Self Portrait of the young artist. You can see my piece on the bottom of the advert.

Cul-De-Sac, 2017 by Josh Sands


Cul-De-Sac, 2017 (triptych)

borosilicate glass, plumbing hardware, ceiling fan, wallpaper, oil and acrylic on board

Three separate pieces on wood that act together as one piece. Renovations to suburban homes, wallpaper, trim, twisted plumbing ready with water at the turn of a handle, lines and colors mimicking a map, the smell of lacquer. These are some of the elements that highlight this piece’s strength to induce strong memories of suburban middle class life in the 80s, especially for the young artist.


Public Enemy No. 1 by Josh Sands

Public Enemy No. 1, 2017 oil and acrylic on canvas, wood fence board, faucet hardware, borosilicate glass, public enemy tape, player, and headphones

Displayed here we see the struggle of the young artist to find his identity through the medium of mundane yardwork.


Dreamers No. 1 by Josh Sands

Dreamers No. 1, 2019

borosilicate glass, metal bird cage, toddler clothes and shoes, toothpaste and brushes, candle holder tray

It’s a sad and alarming place to be coming from, first as an artist and second as a new parent, to be morally forced into creating a piece that reflects the atrocities of our times. In my own powerless way I decided that I could at least make a piece that highlights the horror of kids in cages if in fact I am unable to stop it. All politics aside having two small children and constantly being confronted with this reality in visual form, albeit an ongoing reality; one that started some time ago, happened to be for me an overpowering emotional event and required a visual rebuttal.


More books by Josh Sands

More books, 2011

…I think I may have made more than this too.

a burning bible with glass flames

a burning bible with glass flames

literature with Monarch butterfly and reeds

literature with Monarch butterfly and reeds

dictionary with glass arrows (history is told by the victors)

dictionary with glass arrows (history is told by the victors)

short story fiction with NES controller

short story fiction with NES controller

I.E.D.'s by Josh Sands

Improvised Explosive Devices, 2011, mixed media, borosilicate glass


I guess I just found it amusing to see bombs made out of glass. At first my interest was in the simple joy of creating the colored wires, but at some point I was struck by ideas of glass and it’s fragility relating to the human body and time. Anyway not a real deep one, mostly just pop and cartoonish fun, placing bombs inside books and lunch. Sometimes you just need to goof off a bit.

An old timey bomb in a McD’s container, complete with a piece of glass lettuce. HeHe.

An old timey bomb in a McD’s container, complete with a piece of glass lettuce. HeHe.

First Street Art Piece, 2011 by Josh Sands

The VERY FIRST Street Glass Piece ever! 2011

This is my first attempt at installing glass art onto a fixture of the urban/street environment. It’s real rudimentary and unrefined, the glass sculpting is far from spectacular and the shape is wonky, but I really love it and am quite proud of the piece!